Lukewarm Morning

Kind of lukewarm.
It wasn’t like winter morning today.
As a result, the sun might be dimly visible.

At last I realized we each had our own life..
I really hope our own future would be filled with lots of smiles.


Somehow we don’t like to tie ourselves down with any obligation.
Because our rules and wisdom sometimes can choke us.

By the way…some guys don’t like to tie their ties.
Maybe they think the ties choke them to death!
I think nice ties make them cool and sexy.
So I like guys who wear their ties.

But I also like guys who are troubled with their ties.
So cute, right?

Disposal Body Warmer

I feel cold at my desk in the winter.
My desk is closest to the door.
When someone comes in or out, the cold air creep into our room.
It makes me shiver!

I wonder if I’m very sensitive to the cold or my clothes are too thin.
In either case, I need disposal body warmers.
Left one is a type we can put on the skin directly.
So far this one is my best.

My friend who was a fashion model says girls should be patient with the cold air if they want to be attractive.
So I only use them when I’m at work or home. lol

Not Nice-Looking

Do you dare to try such a grotesque drink?

20140128-205025.jpgI hardly believed this is something to drink.
Lots of basil seeds look like frog spawn!

20140128-205753.jpgBut it was better than I’d expected.